Ogrzewaj swój dom ekonomicznie i ekologicznie

TERMOTECHNIKA - Producer of pellet burners.

Searching for newer and newer forms of generating heat for buildings required interest in renewable energy sources. One of these sources is solid fuel made from biomass, which after processing occurs in the form of granules. The use of this fuel allows to obtain a high temperature. The furnaces we manufacture (matching almost all boilers), equipped with appropriate controllers, storage tanks and thermostats, allow them to be used in the housing estates of the houses, which cannot use other forms of heating.

Our company - Termotechnika produces pellet burners, i.e. for the already mentioned ecological solid fuel. Their main features include, above all, convenient temperature control due to the fact that they are equipped with thermostats. In addition, the comfort of operating our devices is also affected by storage tanks, which are an integral part of pellet burners. Heating devices are operated automatically, and intuitive controllers allow you to adjust everything so that the heat level in your home suits your tastes and needs. The equipment we sell and produce fit most boilers that you can find on the market.

The pellet burners we offer are equipped with thermostats that allow any adjustment of the heating temperature, as well as intuitive controllers, thanks to which operations on the equipment will not be a problem for you. In addition, the comfort of use is also influenced by the trays enabling automatic adding of granules, whenever it is needed. Their versatility is also evidenced by the fact that they can be connected to most boilers available on the market.

Pellet burners

You no longer need to look for new forms of heating for your home. See our pellet burners, which allow to obtain high heat temperature, and are extremely environmentally friendly. The solid fuel used in them does not emit gases harmful to the environment and leaves only 5kg of ash per ton of granulate.


Thanks to them, it is possible to conveniently operate pellet stoves, which you will find on sale. We sell controllers that will allow you to easily regulate the temperature in our burner. They are equipped with an LCD display, which allows intuitive use.


It is in them that the ecological granulate used in our furnaces is located. The containers allow for automatic pellet filling (i.e. solid fuel used in burners) depending on what temperature you want to obtain at a given moment and how much it is currently.


The Termotechnika company was established in 1994. Initially, it operated under the name "Zakład Techniki Heating - Termotechnika" and dealt mainly with the construction of oil, gas and coal boiler rooms, mainly in the Lublin and Masovian provinces. The company in the years 1994-2007 was run by Eng. Stanisław Kotelba. On his account in this period may record the implementation of more than 200 boiler rooms of various types.

Since 2007, the company has been managed by M.Sc. Michał Kotelba, who graduated in 2002 in the field of Heating, Heating and Ventilation at the Warsaw University of Technology.

In 2008, the company officially changed its name to Termotechnika Michał Kotelba and expanded the scope of its activity to include other sanitary installations: ventilation, air conditioning, water and sewage, gas.

In 2010, Termotechnika started producing ecological "ECOMAT" pellet burners equipped with an automatic grate cleaning system.

In 2012, based on experience from research and testing of burners, an application was submitted for a patent for manufactured burners.

In 2015, Termotechnika obtained a patent for its burners. In addition, the high quality of the burners produced by Thermotechnics is confirmed by the achievement of 5 top-class exhaust emissions obtained at the Institute of Power Engineering in Łódź.


  • We provide proven heating solutions for your home.
  • We manufacture pellet burners for household heating.
  • We supply pellets at attractive prices.
  • We provide technical advice, design and implementation services as well as service in the field of new and existing heating systems.
  • We sell boilers for central heating installations at attractive prices.


  • We have over 15 years of experience in heating techniques for buildings.
  • We offer unique technical solutions that are environmentally friendly, economical and convenient for the User.
  • We have a quality certificate


  • Cheap fuel for heating your home.
  • Clean and ecological fuel in your home.
  • Comfort and simplicity of use.