Ogrzewaj swój dom ekonomicznie i ekologicznie


It is in them that the ecological granulate used in our furnaces is located. The containers allow for automatic pellet filling (i.e. solid fuel used in burners) depending on what temperature you want to obtain at a given moment and how much it is currently.

You can buy them in a set with our burners or as a supplement to an oven you already have. Our pellet storage tanks are the convenience of operating the heating form used in your home. The tank allows storage of the granulate, as well as its appropriate, to the demand, dosing into the furnace. The amount of fuel used is delivered to the device depending on the temperature set on the controller that you want to achieve in your home, as well as to fill the gaps that have already been burned.

Our tanks, which enable storing pellets, are solidly made of durable materials, thanks to which they will serve you for many years. The storage tanks available from our manufacturer are comfort, convenience, as well as automated heat supply directly to your home or modern, ecological office.