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Thanks to them, it is possible to conveniently operate pellet stoves, which you will find on sale. We sell controllers that will allow you to easily regulate the temperature in our burner. They are equipped with an LCD display, which allows intuitive use.

RK-2006LPG controller

The RK-2006LPG regulator is a device designed to regulate the temperature of boilers with a pellet burner.

rk 2006lpg2

The temperature of the boiler is maintained at the level set by the user by controlling the airflow fan and the hopper or dosing feeder cooperating with the built-in internal feeder (stoker).

The controller allows you to control the CH circulation pump and the DHW pump. The regulator also has the ability to automatically ignite the fuel. The controller has an output for connecting an additional alarm signaling device or a cleaning mechanism via the UM-1 module.

The LCD graphic display allows for simple and intuitive operation, and the rich programming options of the controller parameters allow the boiler parameters to be precisely adjusted to the heating system. The controller has a data transmission connection.

The controller housing is adapted to the standard size of 144 × 96 mm.

  • User manual for controller RK-2006LPG2-PL_4908

RK-2006SPGM + MZK controller

Temperature regulator RK-2006SPGM for boilers with pellet burner.

rk 2006spgmmzk

In addition to the full service of the burner, the controller allows independent control of the radiator circuit and floor circuit with a mixing valve. DHW is the third independent circuit.

The fully automatic fuel ignition causes that the burner operation is similar to oil burners (the boiler works when there is a demand for thermal energy).

Temperature controller RK-2006SPGM + MZK in a compact housing for installation on the boiler wall.

  • User manual for controller RK-2006SPGM + MZK-PL_5701

RT-208GT room thermostat

With the offered controllers, we offer you the purchase of a compatible RT-208GT room thermostat